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From farms to Kitchen


Sowing / Growing

The first step is the seeds of Groundnut, Sesame or Coconut are grown on our farms or on Contract farming basis to maintain the best quality of raw material for oils.


Then once the seeds are grown they are brought to factory for sorting the best quality and discarding the rejected ones and then grading similar types of seeds together before taking it to crushing.



After the best seeds are selected it goes into oil crushing, which is a very slow process and once the oil is extracted it is kept on room temperature to settle down for 48 hours before storing it.


After the oil settles down we filter it to remove the last raw material residue or any other small edible content left behind as oil is in rawest of its form in cold press method.



Once the best oil is stored then after final check it is taken in filling and final packaging before delivering it to customer.


The last stage is the Bottle of Goodness is delivered to Your doorstep in any corner of India with 100% percent guarantee of oil.

Practical Benefits
of cold press oils
Oil is heated only up to 35 – 40 degrees in the cold press method, compared to the 200 degrees of Refining processes. This retains the natural Flavour and Aroma of the oil and maintains the purity.
Food cooked with the help of cold pressed oil retains an inexplicable flavor and aroma. The purity of the oil allows the various spices to blend perfectly creating the ultimate ethnic taste.
The process is absolutely environment-friendly and does not add to any form of pollution. On the other hand, refined oil producers are known for being amongst the major sources of chemical waste. The only by-product of cold pressed oils is the seed cakes, which are used as manure or cattle feed.
By using cold pressed oils one will be able to connect to the roots of ethnic lifestyles. It is our responsibility to ditch the chemically refined modern low-cost oil. And the best way is to switch to 100% natural cold pressed oil.
Below are the scientific benefits of cold press oil, which helps you in keeping healthy.
Cold pressed oils are a major source of vitamins, micronutrients, proteins, antioxidants, phospholipids, and other nutrients. With the use of coldPressed oil, we can altogether remove the necessity of multivitamin pills.
Chemically refined oils are a major cause of diseases such as high cholesterol and various heart diseases. Cold pressed oils do not contain any preservatives and are an ideal choice for daily usage. They are also absolutely cholesterol-free.
Cold pressed coconut oil is a rich source of lauric acid, one of the primary requirements for anyone suffering from cholesterol problems. It also helps in weight loss and aids immunity.
Cold pressed oils contain less amount of saturated fatty acids and High Density Lipoprotein (HDL)
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