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our history

The Story is Long Yet Interesting

The Gulab Oil Bringing Goodness to Your Health, Kitchen and the Planet

We are Gujarat’s leading manufacturer of edible oils, serving people for more than five decades.

Gulab is a national level household name in the Groundnut oil industry. Although it currently deals in multiple oils and food products, the journey of Gulab began back in 1966 with a single groundnut oil mill in the Junagadh district of Gujarat.

Over time Gulab has added a total of 8 edible oils to its product range. With the brand’s rich history and expertise in the groundnut oil industry, within a short period of 5 decades it could rise to the position of industry leader in its home state of Gujarat and others such as Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh.

It is said that Gujarati food is incomplete replica datejust without Gulab groundnut oil, and Gulab has always been a
brand that upheld this idea by providing the best quality oil to households across Gujarat. The company expanded when it took to the foods division by introducing premium quality raw peanuts. Facing immediate success the brand introduced 7 varieties of flavoured peanut and other healthy and premium snacks such as Sing Bhujia, Sing Chana & Chocolate Peanuts.

The journey of Gulab has been governed by its endeavor towards quality and customer satisfaction. Our mission is to ensure that we add value to our customers by ensuring quality products.

Gulab Has Always Worked On 2 Values
Given By Our Founder and Cmd.Mr Mukesh Nathwani
Give Best & 100 Percent
Pure Product
Customer is

The Gulab brand is a name trusted by millions in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Our mission to provide the best and 100% pure products continues. Gulab Goodness is our latest brand extension move, an initiative to bring products imbibed with nature’s goodness into your homes.

Why Gulab Goodness

One look at this society and anyone can tell that one of the primary lacks of today’s lifestyle is eating natural. Almost everything that is eaten and drank is infused chemically and it has come to the point where people no longer care about the quality of the food itself. We ensured that our R&D process was poised to invert this change, and thus we created our vertical of 100% natural products in its purest form. And this also led to our title ‘Goodness’ since that is what we wanted to imbue society with through our products.

Along with our ideology of providing natural products, we ventured into the process of providing Cold pressed oils, traditional expertise of the Gulab oil industry. Cold press technology dates back almost 200 years whereby seeds of raw material were crushed using wooden or stone bowls to extract pure oil. This oil retained 100% nutrients, taste and flavor. Our team performed extensive research in the villages of Southern India where cold pressing is still performed and we achieved data that held its roots in history.

Then it was about establishing the process through a scientific yet traditional medium. The traditional oil churning machines were first constructed to provide with 100% pure Oils . Over time we expanded the process and constructed different cold pressing mechanisms for the different varieties of Oils such as mustard, coconut, sesame, etc. Using only a single filter to remove leftover raw materials we are able to produce 100% natural cold pressed oils.

To ensure the highest quality of flavor and aroma our raw materials are sourced from the richest mineral belts of the country. This also adds to the shelf life of the cold pressed oils and retains nutrients at 100%.

Gulab Goodness will be bringing to you a range of healthcare products, and this journey has only begun with the launch of our cold pressed oils.

We also believe in preserving the environment from which we are taking from and adopt eco-friendly practices, even the by-products are safe, and can be recycled as fodder for animals or compost, etc.

When you go for a Gulab Goodness product, you are taking a step towards healthier life and wellbeing.

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