Gaming Student Scholarship Program - Gulab Goodness

Gaming Student Scholarship Program


One highly booming and newly evolved industry is the gaming industry, which is not only progressive but has also opened up new career avenues for students with unmatched creativity. As a result, a huge number of students around the world aim to pursue a career in this industry. But the education cost related to this subject is quite high. Hence, Gulab Goodness introduces its scholarship program to help students successfully complete their education in the subject.


We proudly announce the Game Development Scholarship program supporting students who lack financial resources but aspire to become leaders in the world of gaming. This scholarship is open to students enrolled in various fields of gaming like animation, art, game management, design, production, development, and more. Students enrolled in the postgraduate or undergraduate course from a reputed university can apply for this scholarship.


  • Our scholarship offers great support to students who are already pursuing education in gaming but don’t have many financial resources.
  • This fund is useful to people holding immense talent and wants to become the next industry leader.
  • Students can use the earned amount to support distinct expenses related to their education like accommodation, studies, and more.
  • Students will get a chance to interact face-to-face with leading global personalities of the gaming industry.