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Cold Pressed Sesame Oil 1 Liter

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Cold Pressed Sesame Oil is unfiltered, unrefined, and unprocessed wooden oil that contains a fresh aroma of sesame. The extraction process of Cold Pressed Sesame Oil is generated from organically grown Sesame seeds with the help of the traditional Wooden Ghani method. Our professionals add palm jaggery during extraction to reduce the bitterness of the sesame oil purposely. Cold Pressed Black Sesame Oil is made with this traditional method to ensure that oil is 100% pure and free from any additives, and the consumers can get maximum benefits out of it.

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In addition to it, this sesame oil gives better health benefits to the children as well as increase their immunity system and height. It works as a wonderful energy booster for people who lack energy. The consumers will get better results which makes their body healthiest than it has ever been. If someone uses this oil for a massage before sleeping, then it will protect the skin from various kinds of infections. Cold Pressed Black Sesame Oil is like the Olive Oil and Groundnut Cold Pressed Oil that lends a different taste and flavor into the dishes.

Buy Best Cold Pressed Sesame Oil in India

Cold Pressed Sesame Oil is scientifically proven oil and is recommended for cooking and daily usage in India. It reduces the chances of hair loss and boosts the intensity of dental health like Cold Pressed Coconut Oil. Cold Pressed Black Sesame Oil enhances the growth of bones as well as increases the levels of circulation and metabolism in the body. The users can buy it from grocery stores, supermarkets, and also place an order from shopping sites in India. People can use it in the pickles as a natural preservative because it contains the properties of natural antimicrobial.

Moreover, Cold-Pressed Sesame Oil decreases the level of bad cholesterol and promotes good heart health of people as well as help to digest the food. In North India, it is called the “Til Oil” or “Til ka Tel” whereas, in Tamil, this oil is called the “Nal Ennai”. Apart from the nutty and mild flavour it consists of a higher proportion of the several fatty acids such as monounsaturated omega-9 and polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acids.


2 reviews for Cold Pressed Sesame Oil 1 Liter

  1. Sharya Panchal

    We have always used sesame oil. The quality is excellent. I made traditional south Indian recipes with it- puliyodarai, vatha kozhambu and pickles.

  2. Faiza Khan

    Really superb Quality And smell too good you can feel the original smell of sesame! Thank you Shopgulab

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