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Marketing Students Scholarship Program


The field of marketing is both competitive and rewarding. For this reason, a large number of students from different parts of the world study marketing as a major and aim to become successful marketing specialists. However, not every student is financially stable and hence Gulab Goodness introduces its Marketing Student Scholarship Program to lend monetary aid to such students lives in country like USA, Canada, Australia and UK.


The Marketing Student Scholarship program is available to students lives in country like USA, Canada, Australia and UK. It aims to offer financial aid so that students can successfully complete their two-year or full-time study program in the field of marketing. Winners of the scholarship can use the amount to support various expenses related to their education. Students already enrolled in the postgraduate or undergraduate program can apply for this scholarship program.

Gulab And Gulab Goodness is a national level household name in the oil industry, it currently deals in multiple oils and food products. We offers various kinds premium range of products including cold pressed virgin coconut oil, cold pressed coconut oil, cold pressed groundnut oil and cold pressed sesame oil.


  • This scholarship is available to students pursuing marketing as a major subject in their education program.
  • It offers students leadership qualities and lends them a chance to interact with experts in the industry.
  • Winners will gain certification as well as can gain hands-on experience solving real-time issues after the scholarship.
  • There is no restriction on subject and university selection. The only condition is that the university must be an accredited or recognized one.